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English Not Your First Language

There are an increasing number of American citizens and residents who were born and raised in countries other than the United States. While most of these people can communicate very well verbally, they have not mastered the art of writing the language. English is one of the more difficult languages to master, since it has so many variables and exceptions to the rules. There are many idiosyncrasies to the language, many phrases which carry a particular meaning or nuance which is quite different from what the phrase seems to mean. At the very least, the use of such phrases where they do not belong can cause embarrassment. At the worst, they can present legal problems when used in business or legal-type documents.

We specialize in helping businesses and individuals communicate through the written word:

Simply send us your documents by mail, fax, or email. We will re-work them and then return them to you.  Or, if you prefer, we can sit down with you and work with you on your text.


Training is available to help you write and prepare your documents, articles, papers, and so on. We can work with you to help you develop your writing skills in English (this includes basic punctuation, grammar, and word usage. If you would like, we will use your own documents (letters, papers, reports, etc.) to help you learn, which not only increases your skills, but completes your work as well.

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Editing is not the same as proofreading. Editing is an art involving the skill of improving upon the presentation of a document without changing the meaning or intent of the original author. We examine your document to determine what it is you are trying to say. We look for your style of presentation. Then we edit the document by working with sentence structure, phrasing, and terminology, never losing sight of what it is you are trying to say and the way you are saying it.

For example, if you are trying to portray an image of a western cowboy, you might present your text as follows:

Howdy, partner. Let me tell you something about myself. I'm an old hand at selling cars, and I have the best darn deal in the West!

If, however, you are trying to portray a dignified, high-class image, you might present your text as follows:

Hello. Let me introduce myself. I am a successful salesperson with many years of experience, and I can assure you that you will not find a more attractive offer anywhere.

The above example reflects editing related to an ad. Editing manuscripts of letters, pamphlets, books, and other larger text sources involves a careful working of sentence structure to maintain the flow, word usage to create clarity, and phrasing to promote an appropriate emotional response.

There are an increasing number of American citizens and residents who were born and raised in countries other than the United States. While most of these people have learned to speak English very well, many of them have not mastered the art of writing the language. We specialize in helping those whose first language is not English. See Writing for more information.

Documents can be mailed, faxed, or emailed to us. We edit them and then return them to you.

We will help you edit any type of document:

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Proofreading helps eliminate embarrassing mistakes in printed matter, whether it be a term paper for school, a business communication, a legal document, an ad, or a full-scale book. Proofing is a standard part of any publishing work we do. We mark hardcopy in bright red for easy reading, using standard proofreading symbols.

However, we will also proof work you have done yourself. Any writer knows that once you have written a document, you are often too close to it emotionally or mentally to be able to see mistakes you have made. It helps to have a third party do the proofing.

Our proofreading includes a thorough check for:

If we are given the document on a computer disc or via email, we will also perform a computer spellcheck, do global searches for inconsistencies detected, and enter the corrections for you, if you desire.

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We offer the following:

We can also type into computer for you, so you have a computer file of your typed document.

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