Check out What People Are Saying:



"As a consolidator and the person who was in charge of the overall production, I would like to thank you and your team, specifically, Scott, Marcella, and Orman for an excellent work."

-- RE, United Nations Office of the Special Coordinator
for Africa and the Least Developed Countries

"I take this opportunity to congratulate you and your team of experts who have put their untiring efforts to make this publication possible."

-- SPY, President of CWDS



"Fabulous web page! . . .My appreciation of a job well done. Pretty impressive!"

-- DRB, Householder

"We've explored most of your website and are very much impressed!"

-- KA, School Teacher

"JH gave me the URL for your [website] photos, and they're incredible."

-- SES, JPL Employee


Computer Program Training

Persons from around the United States attended a weekend Microsoft Access Training Workshop in Salt Lake City, Utah for the national SARE program. At the conclusion, they evaluated their experience, summed up as follows:

The coordinator of the SARE program , PR, wrote: "Please pass my thanks on to Marcella and Orman. . . .What marvelous people!! . . .They exude a spirit of goodness that is rare these days. ANYTIME, and I mean ANYTIME, we could include them in some of our SARE training, I would like to do so."



"I am so grateful for all or your professional help in creating my brochure.  It looks great! . . .Thank you so much.  I know you went a few extra miles on this project."

-- RM, Healer

"Here it is! I hope you're proud of it. We've received great feedback. Thank you for everything."

-- EL, Polarity Therapist

"Thank you for your assistance with my brochure over the telephone. I appreciate your helpfulness, ideas, and talent."

-- AW, Interior Designer

"Thank you. It came out great."

-- EL, Polarity Therapist

"I love it! Great idea on the layout -- it's really what I wanted. . .Huge thanks!

-- EL, APC Center



"Thanks so much for the fantastic cards. They're both terrific! After we show them to our friends, we'll keep them lying around the house so we can show them to all of our friends. Thanks again and again! And again!"

-- E and G A, Householders

"Thank you so much for the...'unique' birthday card. Definitely 'One of a kind!' I hope you know how much you are appreciated."

-- OL, Householder

"The colors you get on the printer are very clear and lovely."

-- JC, Householder

The note cards "are so beautiful and will be sent to those...that will enjoy them as I did."

-- MW, Householder



"Thanks for all your hard work on the calendar. It looks beautiful."

-- ET, Accountant