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We can take you from the initial concept 
to the final printed document.

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We can help you every step of the way, from the initial idea to the final printed edition of your book. Or, if you already have a document prepared and are looking for someone to get it into print for you, we can help. We check with you throughout the process of working on your book, so you can see and approve the progress being made.

The services offered in preparing books for publication are:

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Many businesses, organizations and churches publish a newsletter for their clients or members. The newsletter may be produced monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually. We offer two services here: 1) preparation and printing of the newsletter, and 2) training your staff to produce part of all of the newsletter in-house.

1) Newsletter Preparation includes:

2) Training includes:

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A brochure is a pamphlet or a booklet from 4 to 12 pages which informs the reader of:

  1. a coming event, workshop, etc.
  2. services provided by your organization.
  3. the philosophy or motivation of an organization or company.

We help you:

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Placing an ad in a newspaper or magazine? or on the internet? or in a flyer? We can help. We can:

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Business Cards:

Professional-Looking Diagrams and Charts:

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